REPLACE it for me!
You don't have any photos?

With , you can seamlessly replace the faces of people in images and videos with virtual faces.

하이디 프라이빗을 적용하기 전 활짝 웃고있는 가족 이미지
하이디 프라이빗으로 리플레이스 된 활짝 웃고있는 가족 이미지
하이디 프라이빗으로 블러처리 된 가족 이미지

Mosaic, NO! Replace, OK!

Did the quality of your content drop due to the use of mosaic for privacy protection? Now, use HEIDI-AI PRIVATE. It will finely replace personal information in the content with virtual images. With HEIDI-AI PRIVATE, you can maintain both personal information and content quality.

World's highest accuracy rate of 99.9%

Accuracy is crucial for anonymization solutions like HEIDI-AI PRIVATE! Non-accurate anonymization solution leads to an exponential increase in the exposure of personal information!

I want fast speed!

HEIDI-AI PRIVATE has improved processing speed by using parallel distributed processing on data. Isn't speed just as important as accuracy?

Anonymization Method

  • Manual Aanonymization
  • Full Anonymization
블러 및 리플레이스된 사람 아이콘

Anonymization Options

  • Blur
  • Replace
비식별처리된 사람과 자동차번호판 아이콘

Anonymization Target

  • Human face
  • Vehicle license plates

It can be used in various fields.

Original image
Blurred image
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Heidi Series

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